Monday, October 23rd – Good Choices, Good Character:  Drug and Bully Free (wear red)                                                           

Tuesday, October 24th – Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up (wear mismatched clothes)

Wednesday, October 25th – Band Together Against Drugs (wear bandanas)
Thursday, October 26th – My Future Matters…I’m Drug Free! (wear college clothing or dress up as future career)
Friday, October 27th – I’m Too Bright for Drugs (wear bright colors or white)…this is our glow in the dark pep rally







October: The month to honor principals in your
district and communities across Texas!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has proclaimed October 2017 as “Principals Month” in Texas. Across the nation, states are taking time to thank a principal for their dedication to student success and school safety.

Principals lead with one question to be answered at every decision-point: What is best for the students at my school? Research shows that the principal has the greatest effect on student success, school climate, and teacher satisfaction. Leading with conviction to the TASSP Motto, “Above All, Students First”, requires the principal to invest heart and mind in achieving outstanding results for students and adults.

Join us during the month of October in recognizing the positive contributions your secondary and elementary school leaders have made on student achievement in Texas. Take time to send a note of gratitude to the principal at your child’s school and perhaps to the principal who had the greatest impact on your life. Principals cannot do the work alone. Community support and engagement are critical needs in today’s schools. Connect with principals so that together, we can build highly-effective schools for our Texas children.

A copy of the Texas Governor’s “Principal Month” Proclamation is linked here for your use.

Thank you for your support of principals and for your participation in this month of recognition.

Best wishes, 
Archie E. McAfee, Executive Director 
Texas Association of Secondary School Principals






Friday, November 17, 2017

PK-11th Grade Retakes

2018 Seniors

Junior High/High School Basketball


2017 Football Schedule
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                                        2017 Lady Dragon Volleyball Schedule

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Bullying is not tolerated by Paducah ISD. Any parent or student who believes that a student has experienced bullying or has engaged in bullying is encouraged to report the incident immediately to the campus Principal. You can find the anonymous bully form on the right side of this page.


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