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Hand and eyes pointing down                                                                                                                                            graduation cap

Seniors will be at practicing on Friday at 1:00.  Also, seniors must be at graduation by 7:00 pm dressed, clean-shaven, and have facial piercings removed! The doors will open Friday night at 7:00 pm and there will not be any seat saving allowed.  If anyone wants to take pictures, they will need to get there early and get an aisle seat because Fire Code states that they must remain seated during the ceremony.  We will have four seats in the front center to the right open so that you can take turns getting pictures and returning to your original seats.  If you have young children, they are encouraged to get a babysitter or at least sit in the back so the child(ren) can be removed from the auditorium if they start to cry or talk.  This is a formal occasion and let us all be aware of the special situation of all families.  No noisemakers are allowed.



Bullying is not tolerated by Paducah ISD. 

Any parent or student who believes that a student has experienced bullying or has engaged in bullying is encouraged to report the incident immediately to the campus Principal.

Click for the anonymous bullying form.