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Fact vs Rumor

Have you ever played the Telephone Game and realized what someone said is not what you heard, after it has gone through 13 different people? We know that happens in a large organization and we are hoping we can provide you with good information. If you hear something and want to verify the facts, please utilize our new anonymous form.

The Dragon Rumor Watch has landed! Have you ever questioned a rumor you heard about something at Paducah ISD? How nice would it be to have the answer? Here is your chance!
Tell us what you have heard and we will give you the answer. We plan to track down the truth here at Paducah ISD and squash the rumors. Send us your question by completing the anonymous form located on the school website under the Fact vs Rumor tab ( ). We will address the rumors, share the facts and opinions and post it to the school webpage. However, names of all will remain anonymous. The administration at Paducah ISD wants nothing but a positive environment for our students to better help them succeed. Your questions and opinions will be addressed in a timely fashion, please allow the district ample time to research the answers.
 (We reserve the right to edit and screen all questions before posting, to protect the identity of our staff & students)


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Rumor vs Fact

Students are only getting 15 minutes to eat lunch.

All students have a 30 minute lunch period, just as last year. The only difference is we had Jr. High coming in between groups of elementary kids to eat. This was causing problems because the elementary kids were getting mixed in with the older kids, and felt rushed to eat. The problem has been resolved by adding a seating arrangement by grade level, that allows all students to stay as long as needed to eat.

My Jr. High kid says he/she doesn’t get enough time to leave campus for lunch.

All students have a 30 minute lunch period. Jr. High and High School students are allowed to leave campus as soon as the lunch bell rings at their allotted time.


Teachers were changing grades, and that’s why the state was cracking down.

Truth is, we were put in the IR Status due to missing an index by a few points. (The letter on homepage explains). There wasn’t any teacher that did anything wrong, we are working hard to make our students the best they can be.


Sending students home because of dress code violations..

Yes, students will be sent home for dress code violations, until the violation is fixed. We have to stay consistent in what we do. If you have any questions feel free to view the Student handbook and COC, or contact Administration.


School facilities are not well kept and children voice not wanting to use them.

Our custodians work hard to keep our facilities clean, even as large as our campus is and as few of custodians as we have. This isn’t an excuse, we will be sure to address this concern. We want nothing but the best for our students.




















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